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Polygon Staking Plan

Polygon Staking Plan

Payout Rewards Every Day

Staking Price 1,500.00$

Staking Time 8 Days

Daily Rewards 16.50$

Total Rewards 132$

Referral Rewards 18$

Capital Back Yes

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1.      Stake Instructions: Choose from our flexible staking plans and stake your desired amount. Your initial investment is securely returned at the end of the staking period.

2.    Reward Frequency: Rewards are distributed every 24 hours, directly credited to your account balance, ensuring consistent and transparent earnings.

3.    Purchase Contracts: Contracts will automatically expire at the end of the staking period, ensuring a seamless end to your investment cycle.

4.    About Risks: Staking involves market risks and potential volatility. We prioritize your security with robust measures, but ensure you fully understand the terms and conditions before investing. Your informed participation helps us maintain a secure and thriving staking ecosystem.

The platform holds the exclusive right to interpret the terms of this contract.